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Replacement doors and windows

The replacement of windows, rooflights and some doors is controlled work, which must be registered.

There are two methods of doing this;

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Installers registered under these schemes are able to carry out the work without the need to submit an application to us. On completion of the work the scheme operator will notify us that the work has been carried out. We keep a register of all of these notifications.

Enlarging existing openings or providing new openings is not covered by the FENSA or CERTASS schemes.

When replacing windows or doors it must be ensured that:

  • the opening parts of windows are not reduced in size so that escape out of the windows is made more difficult
  • the ventilation provided to the room is not reduced
  • the replacement is thermally efficient. Single glazing is not acceptable except in the case of listed and historic buildings or buildings located within conservation areas
  • the provision of background ventilation must be no worse than provided by the existing windows
  • there is no risk of falling from opening lights below 800mm