Water calculator

ESconsult provides a range of consultancy services including water calculations.

Water efficiency calculations are required to meet the Government regulations for new dwellings. If you are building a new home and are not adopting a ‘fittings’ based approach, you will need to calculate the water consumption of the dwelling.

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The calculation must be carried out in accordance with the methodology contained in the document The Water Efficiency Calculator for New Dwellings and can be completed using the water efficiency calculator.

As it is unlikely that sufficient information is available regarding flow rates etc for the relevant appliances at the time the building regulation application is deposited, we are happy to make the provision of the calculation, prior to the fittings / appliances being installed on site, a condition of approval. 

It is essential that the relevant site personnel are aware that the calculation is required as we are unable to issue a completion certificate without a calculation showing compliance with the regulations having been received.

If you are unable to complete the water calculation ESconsult can assist you by undertaking it on your behalf.

You can make a phone application by calling 01872 224792 or email the application form below to buildingcontrol@cornwall.gov.uk

The fee for this service is £90.