ESconsult provide a range of consultancy services, including simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) refers to the computer program used to assess how energy efficient a commercial property is based on the buildings energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions from month to month. SBEM's are required for;

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  • Any new build commercial property. 
  • Any existing building that is converted into a greater or lesser number of commercial units. 
  • Changes to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning / ventilation services
  • Commercial extensions having a total useful floor area exceeding 100m2 and the extension is greater than 25% of the total useful floor area of the existing building.

SBEM and EPC are charged on a scheme by scheme basis. Please email or phone 01872 224792 to find out how much you will be charged.

You can make a phone application by calling 01872 224792 or email the application form below to

Prior to the occupation of the building you will need to complete a form to confirm that the property has been constructed as designed or list any alteration that have been made. Please use the forms below and forward to ESconsult once completed.