To help you achieve a successful build, our ESconsult team provides a wide range of professional consultancy services including a complete range of structural and new home warranties for both residential and commercial projects.

We can advise you on the most cost effective and practical solutions for your build that will achieve assessment and testing compliance, whilst remaining sympathetic to your design.

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By assisting you both in the initial design process and with onsite testing using a combination of hands on experience and technical expertise, we can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. This will allow you to build in confidence, in the knowledge that your works are fully compliant with current regulations.  

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is used by the Government to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. This is needed to comply with energy and environmental policy regulations. 

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You must provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for potential buyers and tenants whenever a property is:

  • built
  • sold
  • rented
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Water efficiency calculations are required to meet the Government regulations for new dwellings. If you are building a new home and are not adopting a ‘fittings’ based approach, you will need to calculate the water consumption of the dwelling.

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Part L of the Building Regulations sets the energy efficiency standards for new homes and requires that a sample of new homes on all developments is tested for air leakage (also known as air tightness, air permeability or air pressure testing). Testing the air tightness of existing dwellings can highlight areas of problems that can be treated cost effectively to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling as a whole.

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Part E of the Building Regulations requires that new homes are designed and constructed to provide reasonable resistance to the passage of sound and that a sample of dwellings on every new development is tested.

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Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) refers to the computer program used to assess how energy efficient a commercial property is based on the buildings energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions from month to month.

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