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Do I need permission?

With all building work, the owner of the property is responsible for meeting the relevant planning rules and building regulations. Building Regulations apply to most building work so it is important to find out if you need permission. 

Find out if you need permission

To receive confirmation in writing about whether Building Regulation permission is required for your proposed work you can complete the form below (this is free of charge)

You can also contact us either by phone or email to discuss your proposed work. Please familiarise yourself with Building Control and ESconsult's privacy policy.

Please note that you may need Building Regulation approval even if you don't need Planning approval and vice versa.  Visit for information to help you decide whether or not building regulations or planning permission is required. 

Exempt work

Not all building work needs building regulation permission if certain conditions are fulfilled. Full information can be found on the planning portal.

Pre-application planning and building control advice

If you know you require permission, a pre-application advice service is available, for further information please contact us.

Help, we didn't get permission for our work