Backdating council tax support

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

You may think that we should pay your claim from a date before you contacted us.  This is called backdating.

Working age

For someone of working age backdating Council Tax Support is not allowed under any circumstances. 

It is always best to make your claim as soon as possible.

Don’t delay in making your claim because you can’t get the evidence we need.  Make your claim and provide the evidence later, but within one month.

If you are having problems getting your evidence together contact us to let us know as soon as possible.

Backdating is sometimes possible for Housing Benefit but only in limited circumstances and only for a maximum of one month. 

State retirement pension age

Check if you are pension age

If you are pension age we can consider an award of Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit for up to three months before we receive your claim. We call this a take-on period. 

You do not need to ask us to do this, it will be considered automatically. If we need more information to do this, we will let you know.

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