Scale of Charges

Prices effective from 1 April 2019

Please use the links below to view our current scale or charges.

Please note the cremation fee includes a cremation certificate, the Medical Referee fee, use of Organ and Obitus Music System, the supply of a container (except for the removal of baby remains) and scattering remains in the grounds.

Service feesPriceAdditional information

Cremation of an Adult



Direct Funeral



NVF, stillborn and children up to and including 17 years of age

No charge

 * Please note - Funeral times for NVF's, babies and very young children are only available at 09:00 in Trelawny or 09:30 in Kernow, Monday to Friday.

* Saturday morning cremation - service to be concluded by 12 noon


* Please note - Saturday and Sunday cremation fees apply to all adult cremations. The standard weekday adult cremation fee applies for all Saturday and Sunday cremations for babies and children.



* Saturday afternoon cremation - service to be concluded by 4 p.m.


* Sunday cremation - service to be concluded by 12 noon


Additional chapel time of 60 minutes



Environmental Levy (not charged up to and including 17 years)




Stricter legislation has required crematoria to fit additional equipment to further clean the emissions to air generated by the cremation process. With the approval of DEFRA crematoria have been advised to levy a fee on all adult cremations. This fee is for the purpose of covering the capital costs of the initial installation of equipment, its subsequent renewal and the additional running costs associated with the abatement equipment.

Use of chapel for a memorial service, Monday to Friday only.



Resting of a coffin prior to cremation in the cold room (overnight or part of a day)



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Service feesPrice

CD recording of service


DVD/USB recording of service


Webcasting of service

(available to view for up to 28 days after)


Single photo

(a single photo shown throughout Service)


Simple Slideshow

(up to 25 photos displayed on a loop throughout, or once at a time of your choosing)


Professional Photo Tribute

(a professional photo tribute of up to 25 photos, set to music of your choice, played once at a time of your choosing)


Each extra 25 photos


Family supplied video

(checking and preparation of a video supplied by the family or a third party played once at a time of your choosing)



Additional CD after first copy


Additional DVD after first copy


DVD copy of visual tribute only 



Service feesPrice

Oak caskets


Hever oak casket


Mahogany caskets


Double oak caskets


Oak caskets for baby remains


Mulberry container (boxed) for baby remains


Biodegradable box


Burgundy bag (for biodegradable boxes)


Service feesPrice

Up to two months following cremation

No charge

Each additional month or part of a month, payable monthly


Service FeesPrice

Scattering in the Garden of Remembrance whereby a cremation has taken place at Penmount

No charge

Scattering whereby a cremation has taken place elsewhere


Appointment to rest cremated remains - Weekdays


Appointment to rest cremated remains - Saturdays


Appointment to rest cremated remains - Sundays


Service feesPrice

Special Trip To/From Medical Referee



Cornwall Council reserves the right to amend this scale of charges at a minimum of 14 days notice.