What you need to make it legal

A civil partnership registration may take place at

  • a Register Office
  • an Approved Premises
  • a religious premises approved as a venue for civil partnership
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Both of you must give notice of your intention to register your partnership before you can have a civil partnership registration. This has to be done separately in person by you and your partner at the Register Office based in the local authority area where you live.

If you live in a different local authority area to your partner (i.e. one of you lives in Cornwall and the other Devon), you must give notice at a Register Office in each local authority area. County authorities will often have more than one Register Office for you to choose from.

People subject to immigration control who wish to give notice of a civil partnership will need to do so at a Register Office designated for that purpose. Those notices can be given at any designated register office, but both of you must attend together.  A list of these 76 designated register offices is on the Gov.uk website.

Notices are a legal statement that must be signed by you and the person you are entering into a civil partnership registration with. A relative or friend cannot do it for you. Legal notice can be given up to one year in advance of the date of the civil partnership registration.

Before you can give notice of civil partnership registration you must meet certain conditions:

You must both have lived in any local authority area in England or Wales for seven consecutive days and nights before the date you give notice. It does not matter if either of you moves to a different address once you have given notice.

Once you have given notice, you must wait 28 clear days before the registration can take place. It is a legal requirement that the notice is publicly displayed in a specified Register Office within the local authority area for this period. (This is for anyone to be able to state whether there is a legal impediment to the registration.) This may not be the same Register Office that you gave notice to.

In Cornwall, the Register Office in Truro will be the specified office for the displaying of the notices. For example you may give notice in Bude, but it will be displayed in Truro. The notices will not be displayed on a board, unlike marriage notices, but kept in a folder for public viewing. The notices will show names, dates of birth, occupations, status (eg, single, widowed, divorced) and venue for the registration. Please note that personal addresses will not be publicly displayed. The date and time of the registration or ceremony is also strictly confidential and is not displayed on the notice or given to anyone.

A schedule must be issued after the 28 clear days has elapsed. The Registrar will automatically do this for you. Schedules are valid for 12 months from the date you give notice.

If you are subject to immigration control and plan to have your civil partnership registration in the UK please contact the Registrar at Truro Register Office on 0300 1234 181 or e-mail truroregistrars@cornwall.gov.uk.

A fee is charged for each notice to be given, please see current fees.