Make it personal

There is a wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate your partnership registration by including a ceremony or a few words, the ceremony should be one that is appropriate to you. Cornwall Registration Service has developed some ceremony choices, but we are also happy to help you design your own form of words within certain ceremony choices.

You may also add music and readings to certain ceremony choices, whether this is to take place in a venue licensed for civil partnership registration or in a Registration Office. The actual choice of ceremony, music and readings should be checked with the Registrar in advance of the civil partnership registration.

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If you choose to add a ceremony, Registrars have a ceremony planner who is there to help you decide on the best way to incorporate music and readings into your ceremony.  The services of a ceremony planner will be offered to you once both parties have given notice of intention to register a civil partnership.

The registration of your partnership is completed when you both sign the civil partnership document. The Registrar will ask you to come forward and check the details carefully before signing. This is very important as correcting errors afterwards is not always straightforward. You both sign in the name you are using immediately before the registration. Two chosen witnesses will be asked to come forward and also sign the document. Witnesses can be relatives or friends and normally it is preferred if they are over 16 years of age, although in law there is no age limit.

Once the document is signed it is then recorded onto an electronic register by the Registrar and this then creates a permanent legal record of the event.

After registering a civil partnership, some people might want to change their surname to that of their partner's, or a couple may choose to hyphenate their names. Government departments and agencies such as the Passport Agency and the DVLA will accept civil partnership certificates in the same way that they accept marriage certificates as evidence for changing names.