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Further Information

Additional information may be available depending on how your adoption was arranged.

Your adoption could have been arranged through an adoption society or privately. If you were adopted before most private adoption arrangements were prohibited, your adoption could have been arranged through an individual such as a doctor, a solicitor or a friend, or your mother might have arranged it on her own, privately. Some children are adopted by grandparents or other relatives and there have also been a very large number of adoptions by a birth parent with a step-parent.

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If your adoption was arranged through an adoption society or a local authority, they may have records. Also, local authorities may have information about adoptions which took place in their area even though they did not arrange them. The counsellor will not have this information but will be able to give you an authorisation to ask the Court which made your Adoption Order for the name of the adoption society or local authority, if any, that took part in the arrangements for your adoption. If the Court is able to give you the name of the adoption society or local authority concerned, you will be able to follow up your enquiries with them. If you were adopted after 12 November 1975 and have decided not to have counselling, you can obtain an authorisation from the Registrar General who address is given overleaf.

Prior to 1984 adoption agencies were only required to keep records for 25 years and Court records are not kept indefinitely. Local authorities' records may not go back far enough to include people whose adoption took place many years ago, or they may have been lost or destroyed. However, in some instances old papers can be located and your counsellor may be able to advise you about this or give you the address of a post adoption service or organisation which may be able to help you.

Unfortunately, old records are often brief so the information you want might not be included. Also the organisations involved may nott be able to provide the information you would like.

Although you may not be able to get all the information you would like, these arrangements will make sure that you get some basic facts about your birth mother and perhaps your birth father too.