Repaying an overpayment

You can repay an overpayment

  • Over the internet by debit or credit card
  • Over the phone by debit or credit card
  • By sending us a payment
  • In person
  • By setting up a standing order

Paying online is the quickest and easiest method to make a repayment. Go to our online payment page and choose the Housing Benefit Overpayments link. You will need to quote your invoice number.

Phone 0300 1234 121.  Make sure you have your invoice number, card number and card expiry date with you when you call. At the moment you speak with an officer but in the future you will be transferred to an automated service when you provide your card details. This is a more secure way of protecting your card information and will be introduced later this year.

You can pay in person at your local one stop shop or a shop that has a paypoint facility. If you choose this option you need to take your invoice with you as there is a bar code on it for this purpose.

Set up your standing order to pay into:

Bank: National Westminster Bank plc

Sort code: 60–21-37

Account: 57125236

Payee: Cornwall Council

Make sure you quote your invoice number on the standing order form.  This is an eight digit number that always begins with a 5. If you have more than one overpayment with us, you will need to tell your bank to change the invoice number on your standing order as you finish repaying each invoice.

If you already have a payment plan in place you can set up a direct debit for an overpayment.

If you wish to set up a payment plan then please complete an online benefit overpayment repayment plan form and an online financial statement.

If you have any queries with regards to your overpayment(s) please call one of the team on 01209 614337 or email