Invest to Save Project

In 2009 Cornwall Council became a world leader in carbon reduction by undertaking an Invest to Save street lighting project.  This has allowed us to significantly cut emissions and became a pioneer in street lighting management.

The three year project has seen the replacement of over 51,000 street lighting units throughout the county with a new lamp technology and control system which enables the varying of light levels and the switching of the lights on and off at any desired time.  In addition, the new technology allows us to monitor the exact energy consumption of the units.

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Up to 31 March 2014 Cornwall Council has seen large annual energy savings as a result of the new technology installation.  September 2013 saw Cornwall Council adopt a new street lighting dimming policy.  This policy would be applied to lights on roads of a low priority classification but would also take into account the safety of each site individually.  After undertaking rigorous site safety surveys and risk assessments, this policy was applied to over 30,000 street lights throughout Cornwall.  These lights dim to 50% operation at 12:30am and return to normal operation at 5:30am 7 days a week.

In April 2009 the overall annual energy consumption from street lighting in Cornwall stood in the region of 18.9m KWh, whereas in April 2014 this now stands at 12.5m KWh.  This is a saving of around one third, compared to the previous lighting inventory, and a total cumulative reduction in energy consumption over the five year period of around 6.4m KWh.