Truro Western Corridor Package

Truro currently has 18,000 daily commuter trips, which will rise as population increases and more houses are developed. 

Truro has a development framework approved to support 2,500 new houses north of the A390 and the emerging Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan allocates 4,500 houses and 3,000 new job opportunities in total by 2030 to meet the growing requirements.

The Truro Western Corridor package of work will improve the flow of traffic, support the approved developments and encourage sustainable transport. 

The schemes are scheduled to be delivered by early 2018 and will concentrate on the following areas:

Watch our short film below which explains more about why we are carrying out the improvements to the corridor.

Whilst we endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum, there will be inevitable roadworks. For further information on any disruption, please access our Roadworks in Cornwall page

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