Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park

The Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park is a proposal to build a new section of the A391 road at Carluddon, and create a new Technology Park next to it. The technology park will include constructing the first employment building, and creation of a masterplan to guide development for the remaining employment land. Construction on the road improvement commenced in March 2014. On these pages you will find information about the proposal and updates as it develops.

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February 2016

Construction of the Carluddon A391 Road Improvement is now complete and the new road is open. The road improvement consists of a 1.6km section of new road, a new roundabout, alterations to the Scredda roundabout, two new bridges to provide safe walking and cycling links across the A391 to the Clay Trails, and improvements to the bus infrastructure. 


March 2013

Plans for this £18.4 million project for a new technology park and road improvements on the A391 at Carluddon have been given a boost following a meeting of the Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on 14th March.

The Committee voted to delegate authority to Phil Mason, the Council’s Head of Planning and Regeneration, to grant conditional approval subject to the Environment Agency confirming acceptance of the scheme and the addition of any further conditions which may be required.

A decision on funding for the project is expected soon.

January 2013

Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park planning and funding applications have been submitted.

The Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park took a step forward in December 2012 when the planning and funding applications were submitted.

It is hoped that an outcome from the planning application will be received by March 2013 and the funding application to the European Regional Development Fund soon after.

The planning applications take into consideration the numerous comments received from the community during the consultation period when over 850 people were spoken with and 179 people responded to the survey.

The consultation survey showed that there was much overall support within the community for these proposals; however, additional comments received showed that some elements of the project could be improved. These suggestions relate to issues such as the design of the technology park building and the location of bus stops.

A detailed analysis of the consultation results can be found in the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).  A summary of the consultation results is shown in the table below.


% in support

Do you support the proposed Carluddon A391 road improvement proposals?


There are a number of proposed new bridleways, paths and bus stops.  Do you support those proposals?


Landscaping, planting and hedges will be important to the overall look of the proposed scheme.  Do you support the proposals?


We are hoping to provide a cycle bridge to cross the southern end of the A391 Carluddon road.  Please select which colour you think the exterior of the bridge should be.

39.5% Dark Green (majority)

Do you support the principle of land being made available for a technology park?


The technology park is designed to provide high quality employment workspace, new businesses and jobs to the area.  Do you support this?


Do you think the design of the employment building is appropriate for the local area?


Full details of the planning submissions and supplementary documentation are available to view below.

A391 road improvement

Technology Park

The full copies of all documentation is available on the Council's on-line planning system or at the St Austell One Stop Shop.

The pre-planning consultation period for the A391 road improvement and technology park proposals has now ended and we are starting the process of reviewing comments and seeing what changes need to be made to our proposals. We received 179 surveys of which 114 were completed on-line and 65 by paper copy.  Early headline data shows the following:

  • In support of the road:                          74.3%
  • Colour of cycle bridge - dark green:     45% (majority)
  • In support for the technology park:       70.5%

From Saturday 8 September to Friday 14 September just over 860 people were spoken with about the proposals.  Events in the town centre at the Saturday Market and Asda saw over 500 people hear about the scheme. Events in community venues at Stenalees, Penwithick, St Austell John Keay House and Bugle attracted a further 158 people.  

Over this period approximately 1850 information leaflets have been distributed around the community and at the consultation events.  The Carluddon pre-planning consultation leaflet includes an aerial map with an overlay of the proposals. 

We have received a mix of feedback and an initial summary of general comments being raised at events shows the following:

  • Many people supported both the road improvements and bringing new employment opportunities to the area.
  • Consultees were very pleased to see new footpaths and cycleways which would link places such as Penwithick, St Austell and claytrails.
  • There is general support for the proposed speed limits.
  • There were many comments that the existing A391 route is very dangerous and that this road improvement was welcomed.   
  • Location of bus stops were raised and discussed.
  • Bugle and Stenalees residents expressed concerns about the existing traffic levels in their villages and the problems they have just crossing the road. They are worried more traffic will come through the village as a result of the new road and they want improvement to their road network.
  • There was a concern that the design of the Technology Park building should be in keeping with the area and not replicate the new building on the St Austell Business Park.