Camborne - Pool - Redruth (East - West Link)

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November 2015 - Scheme Complete

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The Link Road was opened in early November to the public.

7 March 2013 - Government Funding Secured

On 21st February 2013 the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that the Government will support the scheme with a grant of £16.1m towards the £27m overall project cost.  Funding is also being sought from other sources, including the European Union Convergence programme, to support the funding contributions set aside by Cornwall Council.

Preparations are now in hand to let a contract to construct the scheme with an expected start on site in April 2013.

22 November 2012 - Orders Confirmed By the Secretary of State for Transport

Following the public inquiry held in June 2012, the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed the Orders with slight modifications on 22 November 2012.

The decision letter and Inspectors Report can be viewed on the Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Road Order plans and notices page, together with the confirmed modified Compulsory Purchase and Side Road Orders.

There will now be a 6 week challenge period and subject to satisfactory progress through this final funding approvals will be sought.

Construction is expected to commence in Spring 2013 with completion of the works in autumn 2014.

A Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase and Side Road Orders was held before an Independent Inspector at the Penventon Park Hotel from 19 – 22 June 2012.  The full public inquiry submissions can be found on the Public Inquiry Information page.

Planning consents are in place for the Camborne Pool Redruth Infrastructure Project.

Please follow the links to access the presentation from the public exhibition.

In September 2011 Cornwall Council submitted a Best and Final Funding Bid to the Department for Transport to seek £16m funding towards the delivery of the major scheme.  The bid submission was approved in December 2011 and is available to view on the CPR Best and Final Funding Bid page.

The original scheme was granted planning consent in two phases: in November 2008 (updated in 2011) and January 2010.

Following Government's Comprehensive Spending Review in 2011, a reduced scope scheme was identified which offered significant savings in funding requirements, but still met the overall primary objectives.

Please follow the link to find more detailed information on what the Camborne Pool Redruth Transport Strategy Stage 1 proposes.

After the election in 2010, the new Coalition Government made clear that its most urgent priority was to tackle the UK’s budget deficit. As part of a major Comprehensive Spending Review by the Government, the Department for Transport (DfT) implemented a review of all proposed schemes to identify those which were most viable and which would receive funding contributions.

The messages from the DfT have been clear: they are asking Councils to reduce overall scheme costs and, in particular, reduce the requirement for central government funding contributions. They are looking for reductions in the scope of schemes, improved value for money and a tight focus on meeting objectives whilst minimising costs.

The DfT has invited Cornwall Council to submit a revised and Final Bid for the CPR project to seek a share of the available funds . This is the last and only chance for the Council to obtain funding for this scheme.