Traffic Information - Questions and Answers

How can you avoid the possible delays at Temple?

Whether you are visiting or leaving Cornwall there are a number of steps you can take to avoid delays. Firstly and simply please try and plan your journey to avoid peak periods. It is appreciated this is not always possible but it will enable you to avoid the frustration of sitting in heavy traffic. Planning a different route altogether should be considered prior to starting out on your journey (such as A30 westbound, or A39/A395 eastbound). But please, please do not use your SatNav if you are in the vicinity of the works. It is almost impossible to cross Bodmin Moor without travelling along unsuitable narrow lanes with no passing places and no access back onto the A30; you will probably end up at the back of the queue you tried to avoid!

  • Westbound A30 – Fridays between 12noon and 6pm and Saturdays from 8am until 4pm.
  • Eastbound A30 – Fridays 10am to 4pm; Saturdays and Sundays to 4pm – Monday mornings can also be busy during the height of the summer season.

With the use of mobile devices (not whilst driving!) it is possible to get up to the minute traffic news on or  You can also check out local traffic reports, on Twitter @HighwaysSWEST, @DC_Police, @BBCTravelSW or the BBC Cornwall website

Historically the eastbound suffers the worst delays as a result of checkout times at holiday destinations further down the county. Please try and stagger your journey times and avoid the busy times mentioned above. Leaving extra early really is a time saver; you can then take a break further up country when you have avoided the pinch-point at Temple.

Visitors to Cornwall have far greater choices to adjust their timing and or route according to any delays foreseen. Drivers will be better informed as a result of electronic variable message signs (VMS) for drivers travelling down the M5 west into Cornwall. Mobile VMS signing will also be available on the A30 prior to Temple advising drivers of any delays, allowing drivers to take alternative routes if appropriate.

For their own safety there is a total prohibition on cyclists riding through the roadworks.  It is not safe for cyclists as the lanes through the works are narrow, hence the 40mph reduced speed limit.  As a result of the prohibition a well signed diversion route is available for all cyclists:-

For cyclists travelling east on the A30 they should leave at the Bodmin off-ramp at Carminow Cross and follow the clearly marked cycle route via Fletchers Bridge, Mount and Bolventor.

For cyclists travelling west on the A30 they should leave at the Colliford Lake turn-off and follow the clearly marked cycle route via Mount and Fletchers Bridge.

Most certainly the 40mph speed limit will continue to be enforced with the use of average speed monitoring cameras. Please remember enforcement of the speed limit is not just from the beginning to the end of the roadworks, it can be between two sets of cameras.

The advice from the Peninsular Road Safety Partnership who run the traffic scheme is that, to avoid getting caught the most important fact to remember is that the moment you pass the first large 40mph signs the speed limit becomes enforceable and remains so throughout the entire length of the roadworks – The speed limit is enforced irrespective of the number of lanes, road classification, traffic flow, visible workforce, day of the week, time of day or weather conditions.

The dual carriageway should be fully operational from July 2017.