A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Improvement

If you've driven along the A30 across Bodmin Moor recently, you'll have seen the changes that have been taking place to turn the notorious bottleneck into a dual carriageway.

The new dual carriageway, which includes three new bridges at Cardinham, Temple Tor and Preeze Cross, will be built by Summer 2017. The contractor on site Kier, have now confirmed that the contract is due to be completed by 13 July.

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This date reflects when the site will be cleared of any construction activity – for example, the removal of temporary signage and site offices. Completion of the four lanes is expected to be before this date – and the timing of this is being closely monitored by the Council.

Over the past few months the weather has been relatively good which has ensured that works have progressed well. Driving through the works will show just what has been achieved, three overbridges have been constructed at Temple Tor, Preeze Cross and Cardinham Downs, overnight closures enabled the concrete pours which helped form the bridge-decks to be carried out.  Although the bridge decks have been completed there are still major works continuing off line to complete the access roads to all three bridges, and further work to the main carriageway.

Major drainage works have been completed and new carriageways constructed in a number of locations throughout the site, approximately 18,000 metres of drainage has been laid to date.

The Cornish hedging is progressing well and continuing to receive accolades with regards to the quality of the work carried out by the Cornish hedgers.  The fact that it sets the new road off extremely well in a moorland landscape has been well received.  In certain locations the natural vegetative growth has already enhanced the look of the hedge enabling them to become part of the moorland setting.

To facilitate this work  road closures may be required, further information will be provided as and when available.

For the duration of the construction of the new dual carriageway cyclists are prohibited from travelling along the route as the single lanes are narrower. For cyclists travelling east on the A30 they should leave at the Bodmin off-ramp at Carminow Cross and follow the clearly marked cycle route via Fletchers Bridge, Mount and Bolventor. For cyclists travelling west on the A30 they should leave at the Colliford Lake turn-off and follow the clearly marked cycle route via Mount and Fletchers Bridge.

More information can be found on the Kier A30 Temple website.