A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross Improvement


On 1 December 2014, the Secretary of State announced a £15bn plan as part of the Government’s Roads Investment Strategy: 2015 to 2020 to create better roads. The plan includes a £2bn commitment of investment to roads in the ‘south west’. As part of this are proposals to upgrade the 8.7 mile section of single carriageway on the A30 between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross roundabouts to dual carriageway. The trunk road is the responsibility of Highways England so they are leading on the proposals.

Highways England announced the proposed route of the improvement scheme in Early July. Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet member for Transport has also explained the nature of the route 

Highways England are now preparing for the next stage their statutory consultation - planned for early 2018. This gives you another chance to have your say and provide additional feedback on the project.

The route is currenty being designed by Highways England who are continuing work to further understand the environmental and physical constraints of the area.

The latest news from Highways England can be found in Issue 3 of the A30 Chiverton to Carland Improvement Scheme Newsletter (see newsletters under 'Project media files).

As detailed on their webpage, Highways England have been carrying out ground investigation works to analyse the environment, ground levels and local geology. This work will last around 10-12 weeks and will help further development of proposals. Highways England will also carry out environmental surveys at various times throughout 2017.

During the work you may see 4x4 vehicles, drilling equipment or excavation machines at work. The land that Highways England are surveying will not necessarily be impacted by the construction of the final scheme.

Highways England invited people to have their say during public consultation at the end of last year.

This gave people the opportunity to feedback on the proposed route including the two options at Chybucca. The consultation is now closed however details of the preferred route are still available on the Highways England webpage.

Highways England are analysing your feedback and creating a summary report and outlining their response. This, along with further technical and design work, will help Highways England decide about the preferred route - hopefully in the next few months.

Highways England, in partnership with Cornwall Council, ran public engagement events in March 2015.

More than 1,300 people gave their comments on the existing route and how they felt it could be improved in the future. 94.5% said they supported improvements.  Read the full Public Engagement Report on the Highways England webpage.

You can find out more about the plans, including latest news and what happens next on the Highways England webpage.

It is hoped that the road will be built by 2022.