Which roads are salted?

Over 1,400km (900miles) of roads are included on the county's precautionary salting network. These include:

  • all A and B roads
  • other well used roads
  • accesses to sites of strategic importance, including but not limited to hospital minor injury units, health centres, major transport interchanges and most fire stations
  • accesses to the county's secondary schools 
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You can view a map of our salting network using the online mapping system.  You can view the whole of Cornwall, or enter a postcode or street name to view which roads are salted in your area.

In certain circumstances we may salt additional roads.  However we will only do this when the precautionary network has been completed, and additional salting will depend on the nature of the prevailing weather.

We don’t do salting on request.  In the event of a whiteout, we will organise the salting and clearance of routes away from the main gritting routes once the precautionary network is clear.  We will assess the situation and send the lorries to the places in most need.

We will not routinely treat footways.  When there is a significant risk of icy conditions for long periods through the day we may salt busy footways in main towns but only if this does not compromise the effective treatment of the precautionary network.

For more information please see our Winter service procedures.

Follow our treatment on Twitter @CORMACltd - Our intended winter maintenanace actions are posted automatically (24/7) as soon as we make the decision