Salt bins

Traditionally we provided salt bins on sharp bends and hills on main traffic routes. However, due to the potential risks of the public trying to use salt at dangerous locations we have decided that salt bins will only be sited at locations off the main precautionary salting routes, in villages or near schools, where pedestrian safety will be significantly enhanced. 

We currently provide 488 salt bins across the county.

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Whilst we do not have a statutory duty to provide salt bins, we appreciate they can be of benefit to the local community.  However, budgetary pressures have forced us to review our position.  Thus, instead of removing them we have amended our service; in consultation with local town and parish councils, we have decided that we will keep the 488 bins and fill them once at the start of each winter.  Should these bins require refilling during the winter season the local town council or parish council must request us to do so and they will be charged our costs.  We will supply additional salt subject to service demands and as resources permit i.e. priority will be given to salting the precautionary salting routes. 

If you are a member of the public and would like to nominate a position for a salt bin we recommend that you contact your parish or town council.  Please be aware that the provision of any bin, by the town or parish council, will be at the discretion of that council, as it will have to pay all costs. 

Cornwall Council will not provide any more salt bins.  Consequently, we are unable to accept requests for new salt bins from the public.

The siting of any additional bins within highway limits must be agreed by CORMAC Solutions Ltd, Network Manager for that area.  This is to ensure that the proposed location does not have an adverse impact on general road safety (contact details below).

Bags of salt are available for public purchase at builders merchants and we would advise you to use these in the first instance.

If you know of a salt bin that needs refilling please contact your local town or parish council.

Local Council contact details:

Town and Parish Council contact details.

CORMAC Solutions contact details:

Telephone 0300 1234 222 or email Alternatively, contact us at any of our one stop shops or in writing to your nearest group centre office.

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For details of salting routes please see our website Which roads are salted?