Highway and Infrastructure Adoptions

A range of national guidance exists about the design of residential developments. The Manual for Streets (MfS) which was published in March 2007 provides guidance about the design, construction, adoption and maintenance of new residential streets.  It replaces the Design Bulletin 32 (DB32) and its companion document Places, Streets and Movement. The Manual for Streets 2 (MfS2) builds on the principles set out by the MfS and provides further guidance on busier streets and roads in both urban and rural locations.

MfS and MfS2 provide national guidance for all practitioners involved in the development planning process. Cornwall Council supports the approach set out in MfS and MfS2, but believes that clarification is required in some areas to ensure that developers and applicants understand how MfS and MfS2 will be interpreted in Cornwall. MfS states “highway and planning authorities have considerable leeway to develop local policies and standards and to make technical judgements about how they are applied”.

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The information contained within this section should be read in conjunction with, MfS. The guidance aims to provide advice on how MfS is to be interpreted and applied within Cornwall and replaces all previous Cornwall highway design guides.  This approach is supported by the Council’s Planning Department.

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