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Work related road safety

Work Related Road Safety does not just apply to those people who drive as part of their job, but also everyone that manages drivers. On average 65% of all company vehicles will be involved in a collision over the next 12 months according to the AA.

To highlight the seriousness of this issue, Road Safety has produced a series of maps displaying all road casualties in Cornwall from 01/04/2008 to 31/03/2013. The maps are split into four regions allowing individual roads to be identified. As an employer or employee these maps can assist you in identifying the casualty numbers on the routes you travel most frequently.


Note. These maps are in pdf format and are fairly large (up to 9mb) which may take some time to download on slow connections. Please contact us on the address below if you experience any issues with this.


The latest Work Related Road Safety newsletter is all about speeding.


Check the speed limits of each of your vehicles. They vary depending whether they are a car, van or other. You can download a full table of vehicle type speed limits via the following link: full table of vehicle type speed limits.

Spot the difference? Two lanes and dual carriageways aren’t the same if there is no central reservation!

Caught speeding? You’ll face a minimum £60 fine and three penalty points. This can be increased to a £2,000 fine, six points and a driving ban for serious offences. It will stay on your license for years, affecting your insurance premium.

Lots of points? You can be deemed high risk by your company’s insurers, increasing their premium. This may have an impact on your employability. Reach 12 points and lose your license and you could lose your job.

In a company car and involved in a crash? The H&S at Work Act (1974) requires employers to ensure the safety of their employees, including whilst driving for work. This requires more than just obeying road traffic legislation. If an employee is involved in a car crash the employer must prove they have taken all reasonably steps to prevent this. Make sure they don’t speed!

Free Workshops

Cornwall’s Road Safety Unit also offer completely free workshops to local businesses. These cover general and specific road safety issues and can be tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Not sure about your company’s driving policy?
  • Concerns about specific drivers?
  • Want to reduce your insurance premiums?

Simply contact us using the details below.

Protecting your business is our business and it’s free.

If you would like to access any of our services please contact the road safety team on 01872 327340. Alternatively email: roadsafety@cornwall.gov.uk 



For information on the legal requirements for Work Related Road Safety, along with advice on risk assessments, please view HSE's Driving at Work leaflet. Rospa's Driving at Work pdf includes a sample work related road safety policy to get you started, and also some advice and tips.

This is a more condensed version of the above leaflet created by Cornwall Council.

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