How do I Renew my pass?

Please Note: You cannot renew your bus pass at libraries or one stop shops. It is your responsibility to keep your details up to date with the Concessionary Fares Team including your address.

Disabled Bus Pass Renewals

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If you have a disabled bus pass, you can apply for a renewal online using our online form.

Additionally we will send you a renewal pack at least one month before your current card expires. We will send the renewal pack to the postal address we hold for you so its important you notify us of any change of address

Alternatively you can use the application form and either send it to us:

  • by email
  • in the post
  • or hand it in to your local library

Please remember to submit all required evidence so we can process your application.

If you have an older persons pass we will send you a new pass before your current one expires. We will send your new pass to the postal address we hold for you so its important you notify us of any change of address

The details you provide will be used primarily with your claim for Concessionary Bus Pass; however we may share the data for the prevention and detection of fraud with departments and organisations responsible for auditing or administering public funds - such as Council Tax. For further information please see

In accordance with the Council’s Record Retention Policy, the information you provide will be retained in a secure environment for a maximum of five years, after which it will be destroyed in a secure manner. 

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