Your next bus

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)

Real Time digital displays are found along many main bus routes in Cornwall. An RTPI display contains a countdown until the arrival of the next bus, the stop name and the current time. When the bus is less than a minute away the display will show ‘Due’ rather than a time.

The most accurate and up to date times for buses can be downloaded on to your mobile via:

  • Text message – by texting the unique bus stop code to 84268
  • Scan the QR barcode at the bus stop using your mobile phone using a QR code reader
  • Use mobile internet to visit the Traveline South West website and enter the stop code or use the Traveline GB App

The message you send is charged at your normal network rate and the return message is charged at 25p. Data charges for any data used through mobile internet will apply.