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Millpool, West Looe, PL13 2AF

Long stay car park

There are some reserved Parking Spaces in this car park for permit holders only


From 1 Nov - 14 March this car park also has some marked bays for which parking is permitted for 1 hour only - no return in 3 hours 

Please follow this link for a location map

Cars, invalid carriages, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, coaches, trailers, caravans.

Motorhomes/campers prohibited between 11pm and 8am

All days - 9am - 6pm

  • Up to 1 hour - £0.60 
  • 1 to 2 hours - £2.10
  • 2 to 3 hours - £3.30
  • 3 to 4 hours - £4.30
  • 24 hours - £5.20
  • Weekly - £30.00 (for cars only) can also be purchased via RingGo but not at the Pay and Display.  Please note: this ticket does not guarantee you a space.  It is also not a rover ticket, and can be used in this car park only. 

Coaches and Commercial Vehicles (* see note below)  

  • Per hour - £1.50
  • 24 hours - £10.00

All days 6pm - 9am

  • No Charge  

All days  9am - 6 pm

  • Up to 1 hour in marked bays only - £0.50
  • Up to 2 hours - £1.00
  • 24 hours - £2.00

Coaches and Commercial Vehicles  (* see note below)

  • Per hour - £1.50
  • 24 hours - £10.00

All days 6 pm - 9 am, All Classes

  • No Charge

* As part of the mitigation measures for the closure of St. Martins Road in Looe, coach parking in Millpool car park will be free from 10 March 2014  to 31 July 2014.  This applies to touring coaches in coach bays only.

  • Pay and Display  (all coins 10p to £2) or
  • RingGo - pay by mobile phone using Credit and Debit card. Full details displayed in the car park or on the telephone payments for parking page.

Season - 3, 6 monthly or annual tickets are available for this car park. For more information please look at Season Ticket Car Park groups and fees.

Rover - Weekly, 3, 6 monthly or annual tickets allow you to use a lot of long stay car parks across the county. Purchasing a weekly rover ticket may be beneficial if you are visiting the county and going to different areas. Please view more information on countywide rover tickets

Coach Rover - 24 hour ticket to park in car parks countywide - see Coach rover ticket 

  • Charges for reserved parking at this car park - £391
  • Specific  conditions apply for obtaining a space at some reserved car parks. 
  • Please be aware the demand for reserved spaces can be high in some areas and there are car parks where all spaces are currently taken. Waiting lists are kept for when spaces become available.

If you wish to apply for a reserved permit please contact the Parking Permit team through the email address/ number on this page or by filling out the Parking Permit enquiry form.   The team can offer you advice on availability of spaces, the best purchase option for you, answer specific enquiries and begin the process of issuing you with a permit.

Blue Badge users are required to pay the normal parking fee unless:

  • The vehicle displays a valid tax disc marked Nil and Disabled
  • The vehicle parked is an especially adapted vehicle

All Blue Badge users must display a valid blue badge with Time Clock set at time of arrival.

One Hour Free - Blue Badge holders paying a car park charge automatically gain entitlement to one extra hour of free parking in addition to the time allowed. E.g. if you are correctly displaying a blue badge and pay for 2 hours,  you can park for 3 hours.

Motorcycles may park without charge in a designated Motorcycle Parking Space, and in other areas of the car park where it does not cause an obstruction.  If a motorcycle occupies a parking space the charge for a car (as above) must be paid. Motorcycles must not park in designated bays e.g. disabled or reserved



Number of spaces




Secure car park


Car park opening hours

24 Hours

Height restriction


Weight restriction


Suitable for touring caravan/trailers


Overnight sleeping

No sleeping or overnight camping

You will find a local visitor information centre in many of Cornwall's main towns. The helpful staff can give information on places to stay, local attractions and events and those ever useful directions.

For all your holiday information needs (including accommodation) in Cornwall please see the official VisitCornwall website.

Parking Operations

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