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What do I do if I Receive a Penalty Charge Notice?

If you do find a PCN on your vehicle, don’t be tempted to ignore it, the charge won’t just go away.   It is a legal charge and further action will be taken if payment is not made.  You should either pay it promptly - or if you believe you should not pay it, make a challenge against it. The following pages give detailed information on both these options. 

Pay a Penalty Charge Notice (including pay on line)


There are two levels of penalty. The penalties are currently set at £70 for a higher level contravention, and £50 for a lower level contravention, but if you pay within 14 days we will reduce this by 50% to £35 or £25 depending on the contravention.

If you have lost your PCN or someone has taken it from your windscreen please contact  us on 0300 1234 222  or by email at parking.appeals@cornwall.gov.uk  and we will be able to advise you on this. 

Much more detailed information is available through the Penalty Charge Notice Enforcement and Appeal Process however the basic sequence of appealing a ticket is :

1)     Submit a Penalty Charge Notice Appeal form online

See How Can I Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice?  

If you have received a Notice to Owner form and you are the person named on this document, you should follow the next process of challenging the Penalty Charge whether or not an informal challenge has been made.

2) Submit a Notice to Owner Representation form online

For guidance on the Information you can put on that form please  see  Grounds for appeal on a  Notice to Owners Representation form 

Please note: Civil Parking Enforcement places the liability for the PCN upon the owner of the vehicle, regardless of whether they were the driver at the time of the contravention (except if the vehicle was hired at the time of the contravention, in which case the hirer is liable) we therefore are only able to discuss details of a PCN with the registered owner of the vehicle.

Non Council Penalty Charges

If you have received a penalty charge issued by an organisation other than Cornwall Council please look at the information Private companies - ticketing and clamping

Parking Operations

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