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What can we enforce on?

Civil Parking Enforcement carried out by Cornwall Council covers parking contraventions on street on the public highway, and off street in all Council owned car parks. 

On Street


Poorly, dangerously and obstructively parked vehicles cause congestion and slow down other road users. They also create inconvenience for everyone, including emergency vehicles, legitimate parkers, pedestrians, delivery vehicles and bus users.

How to Park legally:

Always ensure that your vehicle is parked in accordance with the restrictions and is not causing an obstruction. If you are parked properly, within the limits of the restriction, you will not receive a PCN. Road markings such as yellow lines, loading bays and bus stops indicate that some sort of restriction applies.

Double yellow lines show an area where it can be dangerous to park, or where leaving your vehicle can be a hazard to other road users.  They generally mean no parking at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The double yellow lines do not require additional signage to be enforced. However, there are some places in Cornwall where there are seasonal restrictions in place. If the double yellow lines indicate that a seasonal parking restrictions in force, there will be signage to accompany the yellow lines.

Other markings, such as single yellow lines, will always have a sign nearby to explain what the restriction is. If in doubt, check the sign.

The page How to Park includes a table showing the most common restrictions in place on the road and that we can issue tickets against if you park on or in them incorrectly

Where there are no restrictions in place the Council does not have the authority to carry out enforcement. However if your car is causing a safety hazard, or is a source of congestion or obstruction, the police could remove it and you could have your driving licence endorsed with penalty points.  The Devon and Cornwall police obstruction protocol shows who has the authority to deal with various illegal parking issues.

See Pavement Parking for more specific information on that.

You may receive a PCN in a car park if you:

  • Park without buying and properly displaying a valid pay and display ticket.
  • Park for longer than you have paid for.
  • Are not parked wholly within a marked bay.
  • Park in a marked leased or reserved bay without authority.
  • Park in a marked disabled bay without displaying an official blue badge and clock
  • Park displaying a disabled blue badge and clock but do not have a NIL tax disc or a specially adapted vehicle and do not display a valid pay and display ticket
  • Park without properly displaying a valid season ticket or parking permit.
  • Ignore other restrictions highlighted by signage within the car park.

Information including charges and locations of council owned car parks in Cornwall as well as privately owned car parks can be found in the car parks area of the website.

Requests for enforcement and any concerns relating to parking in a particular location should be made through the contact details as listed above.

Other useful links:

Parking Operations

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