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Private companies - tickets and clamping

The Council does not currently carry out wheel clamping or vehicle removal.  However, our application to the Department of Transport for Parking Enforcement approval includes a request for the powers to introduce clamping and removal of vehicles at some time in the future, should it be deemed necessary by the Council.  

Cornwall Council has no authority regarding any actions taken in privately owned car parks.  The British Parking Association is also unable to deal with individual parking  disputes but its is able to offer guidance on what to do next having received a ticket  British Parking Association (BPA) guidance on having received parking tickets.  The BPA also operate an Approved Operators Scheme for those that operate parking enforcement on private land or in unregulated car parks.


Since 3 May 2005, all wheel clampers and vehicle immobilisers that operate on private land and charge a fee for release, are required to hold a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and be members of the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Scheme.

The SIA maintain a public register of licensed vehicle immobilisers, their supervisors, managers and directors. Whilst working, all vehicle immobilisers will be required to wear their SIA licences and be identifiable and accountable.

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