Community transport services

What is Community Transport?

Community Transport is the term used to describe passenger transport schemes which are owned and operated by local community groups. Each project has been set up by people working together to solve their own transport needs, and services are provided on a not-for-profit basis.  Community Transport schemes are nearly always dependent on voluntary effort and hence are only successful when the work load is shared by a large number of dedicated people.

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The Rural Transport Project Officers at Cornwall Council are a good source of information regarding these schemes and can give advice and guidance on the establishment of Community Transport services.

Community Transport schemes are set up to serve people who do not have access to conventional public transport or are unable to use it. Particular schemes may set their own conditions for who can be carried, according to local priorities.

There are a variety of community transport schemes in Cornwall and although they do not fit neatly into categories they are broadly defined as follows:

An organised form of lift giving where volunteer drivers use their own cars to provide door to door journeys for people without transport. Passengers are charged a rate per mile for their journeys to cover drivers' costs.

Minibuses operated by volunteers serve regular routes to a published timetable. They are available to all members of the general public. Timetables can usually be found in the Cornwall Public Transport Area Guides. They also operate a variety of other journeys to address local needs.


Vehicles owned by community groups are made available to other local organisations for low-cost hire. This service can be useful for a number of different purposes, including leisure, education and sport. Some vehicles will be wheelchair accessible.

This service provides door to door journeys for people who are unable to use conventional public transport. Potential passengers need to register as members to use the service. Journey bookings must usually be made in advance.

These schemes help people get around local shops and services. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are available for hire in local town centres. Advance booking is recommended and is essential for some schemes.

This service offers travel advice and low cost loan of mopeds or bicycles to help people get to work, training and further education. Bike training and safety gear are also available.

Contact details for the Community Transport schemes in Cornwall.

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