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Report it

You can report many things online using the website. If you want to report something that is not listed below, please contact us.

All of the following links will take you to a new page where you can use a form to report your issue or problem.


Please use the links below to submit an online form telling us about a problem with a road, highway or footway;

Report a pothole - report a pothole on any street, or carriageway

Report a highway problem - this includes;

  • Bus shelters – damaged, graffiti or dirty
  • Debris – loose stone or other material
  • Gullies and gratings – blocked, missing, damaged or rocking
  • Kerbs – damaged or rocking
  • Manhole covers - damaged, missing or rocking
  • Mud
  • Obstructions – items blocking the highway
  • Signs – any sign on or off highway
  • Street furniture – benches, seats, railings etc
  • Surface defects – cracked or rocking slabs
  • Verges and trees – over grown, over hanging or dangerous
  • Water – flooding, ponding
  • Weeds – injurious; knotweed ragwort etc
  • Other – anything not covered above

Report an electrical problem - this includes;

  • Street light/lamps – not working or columns/mountings damage
  • Illuminated street signs – lights not working
  • Illuminated bollard – lights not working or missing or damaged
  • Traffic Lights – any problems with permanent lights (Streetworks for traffic lights at roadworks)
  • Controlled Pedestrian Crossings – any problems
  • Bus shelters – electrical issues only
  • Other – anything electrical

Report a street works problem - this includes;

  • Traffic lights at roadworks
  • Skip defects – not lit or causing obstruction
  • Scaffolds – dangerous, unlicensed, unlit or causing obstruction
  • Hoardings – dangerous or causing obstruction
  • Traffic management at roadworks – cones, pedestrian barriers, unprotected excavations
  • Builders’ materials – unprotected or causing obstruction
  • Footway crossings (vehicular) – dangerous or unlicensed
  • Banners or bunting – causing obstruction or offense