The Q Fund

The Sir Arthur Quiller Couch Memorial Fund was set up as a charitable trust in 1945. (Charity No. 306599).

Grants of between £50 to £500 are awarded for local research work in literary or allied subjects. Grants may be used to support travelling, obtaining transcripts or other expenses in conducting research, or to contribute to production costs, including editing, design and printing. The Committee is keen to promote diversity, excellence and creativity in Cornish literature and humanities.

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Cornwall Council is the Trustee and holds the Trust Fund on behalf of a small Committee which is the award-making body.

The Q Fund is undertaking an exciting new project in 2017!  Working with writer Polly Gregson we will be researching the creative relationship between Q (Sir Arthur Quiller Couch) and Daphne du Maurier.  Our starting point is the novel Castle Dor which they co-authored. What will we uncover? Read Polly Gregson's essay about her findings. Polly will also be sharing her findings at festivals in Cornwall throughout 2017.  Find out more details about the project.

You can apply to the fund at any time your application will be submitted to the next available meeting. The Committee will next meet in May 2018. Please note that the fund is very competitive at present and we can't support all the applications that we receive. Your application needs to contain the following three items:

  1. Your contact details
  2. A full written submission
  3. An extract or summary of work already undertaken

Your contact details - please remember to include:

  • Title, Forename(s), Surname
  • Address
  • Post Code
  • E-mail Address
  • Telephone Number

Full Written Submission – please include the following:

  • Topic of your study/research and, if decided, its title.
  • Research plan: what sources have you used, and what are you expecting to use? Give an indication of the work you have completed and what still remains to be done.
  • Any contacts you have made with others who are undertaking or have undertaken similar areas of research.
  • Anticipated completion date, and outcome (e.g. article or book for publication).
  • Estimated costs of your research/study (e.g. travelling, photocopying etc.).
  • The amount you are applying for
  • Whether you have applied for/received other grants (this will not necessarily influence the Trustees’ decision).
  • Are you a student and, if so, full or part time?
  • Whether you have previously applied for a ‘Q’ Fund Grant.
  • Where you found out about the ‘Q’ Fund. An extract or summary of work already undertaken

Extract or Summary

  • Please include a brief extract of your work and/or include a summary of the progress that you have made with your project to date.

Please send your application to:

The Secretary,
The Q Fund,
Cornwall Council,
5th Floor, Zone A,
Pydar House,
Truro, Cornwall TR1 1XU

Or email: (please put ‘Q’ in the subject line)