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After your event

After your event is over, you will need to check the site condition and report any accidents or claims.  You should also ask for feedback from staff, stallholders and contractors on what went well and what could have been better so that you can improve your event in the future.

Site condition


Inspect your site to make sure you haven’t left anything behind that could be hazardous to others.  You should also check for any damage that might have been caused by your event.

If you are leaving any structures up overnight, such as marquees or stages, you will need to make sure they are in a safe condition and safe from possible vandalism.  If you are leaving a lot of structures up overnight, you may need specific security arrangements.


You will need to report any accidents that occurred during your event.  At the time of the accident you should take down the names and addresses of any witnesses and take photographs to include with your report.  You should also complete an accident form and send a copy to the landowner.

You must tell your insurance company about any accident, and you should take action to prevent similar accidents taking place.


You should contact your insurers immediately if anyone says they will be making a claim following an accident at the event.  Your insurers may require a copy of the completed accident form.

Event feedback

Event organisers, key stakeholders, festival and event staff, security, contractors, vendors and entertainers should all be given the opportunity to feedback and evaluate the event.  This should include what worked, what didn't, why it didn't work and how it could be fixed. This feedback will help you to improve your next event. 

A sample of a debrief/evaluation is available via this link

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