Victorian School Room Project

Following its successful pilot with Helston schools, the Victorian Schoolroom has now been added to the menu of curriculum linked workshops available to pupils throughout Cornwall.

A product of partnership working between the Royal Cornwall Museum and Helston Museum, this activity takes place in the reconstructed Victorian Schoolroom at Helston. Pupils take on the roles of pupils at a village school in 1891 and are given instruction by Mrs Crawford. The lesson involves handwriting practice using slates and slate pencils; arithmetic using pounds, shillings and pence; recitation, and drill. Mrs Crawford also uses a world map of the era to teach geography and finishes with a history lesson about King Henry VIII.

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In order to allay any fears and maximise pupils' learning, the role-play is sandwiched between an 'out of role' introduction and a concluding discussion with Mrs Crawford. Although the teacher is strict, there is no simulated corporal punishment!

The workshop incorporates a handling session in which pupils use their historical enquiry and observational drawing skills to investigate artifacts from the kitchen, laundry, and the worlds of work and leisure.


For booking this workshop or for further details of the range of education workshops available, please contact the museum on 01326 564027 or visit