Cornish Language

An Taves Kernewek – The Cornish Language

The Cornish language is an important part of the heritage of Cornwall and also a living language of today. Use of Cornish is growing in all walks of life and the opportunities to learn and use it are increasing.

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The language was recognised officially in 2003 under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and since then has been supported by the UK government.

Cornwall Council has a Cornish Language Policy and has also adopted the Development Strategy for Cornish in 2006 along with other bodies.

The Council is the lead partner and accountable body for the Cornish Language Partnership and delivers its language services through the Partnership office (MAGA). Members of the Partnership include voluntary sector language groups, Cornish cultural organisations and public sector representatives.

Among other things, MAGA offers a free translation service, advice and support on learning and using Cornish and works closely with local authorities, schools, public bodies, businesses and communities. It can also point to services offered by members groups of the Partnership.

Full details of the work of the Partnership can be found on the Cornish Language Partnership website.

The Cornish language team

NameJob title
Mark Trevethan Cornish Language Lead
Sam Rogerson  Support Officer