Work Experience Placements at Cornwall Council

Work experience with Cornwall Council, the opportunities are endless...

Cornwall Council delivers a wide range of services to the people of Cornwall. With so many services to provide, there are lots of opportunities for a variety of careers.

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Work experience is an opportunity, for people aged 14 and over, to experience the work environment. Students will be expected to carry out certain tasks and duties that will be allocated by your placement manager.

Placements benefit your personal and professional development. As you travel on a journey you'll discover the rewarding and proud feeling employee's portray being a part of Cornwall Council. You will gain an insight into how we deliver our services by work shadowing and getting some 'hands on' practical experience. This could help you in future job applications.

The skills you will gain from work experience are:

  • Team work
  • Effective communication
  • Organisation
  • Motivation
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Confidence 

We can offer one week placements for school students. Although it may be possible to offer a different length placement. Please contact the Talent Strategy Team using the contact details on this page if you wish to have a longer or shorter placement.

All of our work experience is unpaid.

Our work experience placements are in various teams across four directorates. Placements run throughout the year. We can accommodate work experience for Year 10 students onwards, including back to work and career change placements.

If you are in year 10 and 12 you can apply for a work experience placement from October 2017.  All other applications are open throughout the year.

The application process will help you gain the skills you need, to enable you to complete future job applications. It's really important your application form is completed fully and to the best of your knowledge. This is because you may be invited to a informal interview for some of our more popular placements.

Just a couple of top tips before you fill in your application form;

  • Fill in all the sections
  • Write all you can for each question

Apply for a work experience placement online

You will receive an email confirming whether you have been successful in obtaining your placement. Once your placement is confirmed, you will receive more details regarding your placement.

You will be contacted before your placement to inform you about what you need to bring along on the day. This can vary depending on what placement you have been offered. 

Previous work experienece students have given us feedback about their work experience week. Let's see what they said...

"During my experience I gained an understanding of working in an office environment" Year 10 Student 2017

"I rate my experience 5 out of 5 for improving my understanding of an office environment" Year 10 student 2017

"I would recommend using the Cornwall Council as a place for Work Experience" Year 10 student 2017

If you have enjoyed your work experience placement you may be interested in our apprenticeship programme. We recruit apprentices in cohorts three times a year with some ad hoc vacancies also appearing throughout the year.

For more information on apprenticeships visit out apprenticeships pages.

If you would like any further information on any of the placements before you apply, then please contact us: