Responsible landlord scheme

The Responsible Landlord Scheme supports private landlords and lettings agents. The scheme enables private landlords and lettings agents to offer safe, well managed and better quality accommodation whilst keeping up to date with what the law requires of them.

Register as a responsible landlord

  • Online resource featuring the latest information and guidance
  • Driving up the quality of private rented property by setting a standard
  • Provides help to reach the standard
  • Providing landlords with the right information to make the best choices
  • Access to the advice of the Council’s Private Sector Housing Team

There is no cost in joining the scheme.

To become a member of the scheme simply sign up to the Code of Conduct and complete an Application Form.

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To give you a taste of the types of resources that will be available once you become a member of the scheme we are giving you prior access to the new Cornwall Rental Standard.

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Resources for members of the responsible landlords scheme.

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