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Apply for Cornwall Homechoice Housing register

How do I apply to Cornwall Homechoice?

With nearly 29,000 applicants on the Homechoice register, most people will not be allocated social housing. You should use our new Online Enhanced Housing Options tool to make your own personalised housing action plan that will not only give you useful advice about other ways of finding a home but also information about training and jobs.


If you don’t have access to the internet, you can apply online at your local library or one stop shop.

Our Homechoice how to apply online guide shows where you can use a PC and how to complete a Homechoice application online.

You will need:

  • All household income details
  • Previous addresses for at least five years
  • National Insurance number(s) for the main applicant(s)
  • Dates of birth for all members of the household

You can also ring us to request a Cornwall Homechoice application form or pick one up from your local one stop shop.

1. Once you have completed a Homechoice application, your need for housing will be assessed and you will be allocated a band from A to E to reflect this need.

2. After you have received your assessment letter you can view vacant social housing advertised from Saturday to Wednesday each week on the Homechoice website and in the newsletter available in Council One Stop Shop and your local library.

3. You can then bid on suitable vacancies that you are interested in. You can bid via the Homechoice website or by automated phone system. The successful bidder will be the applicant in the most need. If two applicants are in the same need, the property will go to the one who has been in their band the longest.

Not all applicants can bid for all properties.  There may be restrictions on the number of bedrooms based on your housing need, disabled adapted properties, parish connections required, etc. This will be indicated in the advert.

For information about bands and parish connection, see the Cornwall Homechoice Guide or ask for a copy from your nearest one stop shop.

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