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Tenancy agreements

Most tenants of Cornwall Housing are ‘Assured’ tenants. Our conditions of Tenancy for Assured Tenants were adopted in March 2010. As an Assured Tenant you will be able to remain in your home as long as you do not breach any of the Conditions of Tenancy and a Court makes an Order requiring you to give up possession of your property.

We also operate a probationary tenancy scheme. All new tenants to Cornwall Housing Ltd, who have not held either an Assured or Secure tenancy before, become Assured Shorthold Tenants for a period of 12 months. After that initial 12 month period the tenancy will normally automatically become an Assured Tenancy. Assured Shorthold Tenants have less rights than Assured Tenants and it is easier for Cornwall Housing to take Possession of your property if you breach your Conditions of Tenancy.