Garage for rent East Cornwall

Cornwall Council garages are now let on a ‘first come, first serve basis’. This replaces the former waiting list system therefore if you previously had an application form in our system you should have been notified by post of the process change.

Garages are available to rent to both non council tenants and council tenants.

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The current weekly rent is:

  • £9.47 for a council tenant or
  • £13.13 including VAT for non-council tenants 

Applicants must pay the rent monthly by direct debit, with one month’s rent in advance when you get the keys. Applicants are required to provide the following information at the sign up appointment:

  • proof of ID and proof of address (utility bills, bank statements and tenancy agreements will be acceptable),
  • bank details for direct debit mandate
  • payment of £41.04 or £56.90 in cash or cheque, made payable to Cornwall Council for the first month’s rent.

Please note: If you already rent a house or a garage, tenants with arrears will not be considered eligible.

Below is a list of our available garages, if you are interested in renting a garage, please contact the Housing service.

This list is updated on a monthly basis. Please confirm availability with the Housing Service.

8 Flamank
1 Gregorys Court
3 Halgavor View
5 Halgavor View
14 Hillside Park
27 Kinsman Estate
57 Kinsman Estate
3 St Pirans Close
22 Trelawney Road

Bodmin - Berryfields
21 Berryfields
24 Berryfields
25 Berryfields
28 Berryfields
51 Berryfields
59 Berryfields
62 Berryfields
78 Berryfields
79 Berryfields
81 Berryfields
82 Berryfields
84 Berryfields
85 Berryfields
87 Berryfields
88 Berryfields
114 Berryfields
115 Berryfields
121 Berryfields
123 Berryfields
125 Berryfields
128 Berryfields
132 Berryfields
134 Berryfields
136 Berryfields
174 Berryfields
186 Berryfields
215 Berryfields

49 Berries Avenue
3 Woodfield Road

2 Stonebank

1 Southernhaye
4 Southernhaye
8 Trecarrell

8 St Marys Road
15 St Marys Road

Launceston (Ridgegrove)
1 Prince Charles Close
7 Prince Philip Road
8 Prince Philip Road

1 Culverland Park
10 Culverland Park
11 Culverland Park
16 Culverland Park
17 Culverland Park
22 Culverland Park
23 Culverland Park
24 Culverland Park
29 Culverland Park
46 Culverland Park
47 Culverland Park
53 Culverland Park
2 Lanchard Rise
4 Lanchard Rise
14 Melbourne Road

Liskeard (Lake Lane)
9 Pendragon Road
21 Pendragon Road

1 Callington Road
14 Grenfell Avenue
6a Leanway

St Cleer
4 Hockings House

7 Marine Drive
18 Roberts Avenue

Upton Cross
4 Moorview Terrace

18 Cleavelands

If you wish to cancel your garage rental, please give one week's written notice.

Note: The notice period will start from a Monday and the tenancy will remain open until the garage keys are handed back in.