Anti-social behaviour

Information for Cornwall Housing tenants about anti-social behaviour

One of the biggest threats to a peaceful neighbourhood or estate is anti-social behaviour.

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Cornwall Housing has a specialist team which investigates reports of anti-social behaviour and aims to resolve any issues by working alongside the local community and local agencies such as Devon and Cornwall Police.

Examples of anti-social behaviour include: (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Physical violence against people and property.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Verbal abuse/harassment/intimidation/threatening behaviour.
  • Hate related incidents based on race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion or age.
  • Dealing or supplying drugs, or use of premises for other unlawful purposes.
  • Alcohol or solvent abuse.
  • Noise nuisance (for example: loud parties; shouting; noise from TV or hi-fi equipment; alarms).
  • Criminal damage and vandalism.
  • Rowdy or nuisance behaviour.
  • Misuse of communal areas / public space or loitering.

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