Tenancy agreements

Cornwall Housing manages all of Cornwall Councils’ social housing stock as well as developing our own homes.

The tenancy you have will depend on whether your landlord is Cornwall Council or Cornwall Housing and how long you have lived in your home.

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Cornwall Council:

  • Social housing tenant for less than 12 months - Introductory tenancy
  • Social housing tenant for more than 12 months - Secure tenancy

Cornwall Housing:

  • Social housing tenant for less than 12 months - Assured shorthold starter tenancy
  • Social housing tenant for more than 12 months - Assured tenancy

If there have been no problems such as rent arrears or anti-social behaviour in the first 12 month probationary period, the tenancy will automatically become either a Secure or Assured tenancy.

It is important to know that Introductory and Assured shorthold starter tenancies have fewer rights than Secure and Assured Tenancies and it is easier for Cornwall Housing to take Possession of your property if you breach your Conditions of Tenancy.

Sometimes an Introductory or Assured shorthold starter tenancy will be extended if there are concerns about a tenant’s behaviour.

Both Secure and Assured tenants are able to remain in their home as long as they do not breach any of the Conditions of Tenancy which can result in a Court Order requiring a tenant to give up possession of their property.

Some properties are let as temporary accommodation for homeless households and a non-secure tenancy is then used. This type of tenancy is less secure than the other tenancies we use. If a non-secure tenant is then successful in bidding for a property on Cornwall Homechoice, they will start either an Introductory tenancy or Assured shorthold starter tenancy in their new home with us, or sometimes with another Housing Association as their landlord.