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Council housing

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The Winter Wellness Fund

Cold homes and Fuel Poverty cause around 350 death a year locally. Call 0800 9541956 for Winter Wellness or www.cornwall.gov.uk/winterwellbeing.

Apply for emergency Winter Wellness Funding. Are you elderly (with underlying health issues), caring for a vulnerable person or young children, in poor health or at risk of ill health and worried about your home being cold or damp? The aim of the Winter Wellness Fund (maximum payment of £300 and for one fuel type only) is to reduce preventable winter deaths.

Housing benefit changes

The way housing benefit is calculated is changing and you could be affected. Please read about the changes to housing benefits.

Want a smaller or larger home?

In this section of the website you can find out what Cornwall Housing can do for you:

Housing advice in one stop shops

Cornwall has 23 one stop shops and each one has a wide range of information available and friendly staff who can answer many questions about council services including housing. 

Most one stop shops have free internet access to the council’s website and other public service websites and they can take payments for council services including housing and garage rent.

Benefit and housing specialists visit a number of one stop shops regularly. 

Find your nearest One Stop Shop