About Cornwall Housing

In 2009 Cornwall Council became responsible for landlord services from the three former district council’s: Caradon, Carrick and North Cornwall.

Following a comprehensive review of its landlord and housing service, and thorough tenant consultation, Cornwall Council created a new company to manage all of its council homes and deliver the Homechoice and Housing Options and Advice service.

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On 1 April 2012 Cornwall Housing began to deliver these services for the council.

On behalf of Cornwall Council we manage and maintain approx.10,500 council homes. We look after approx. 300 leaseholders on behalf of the Council and manage garages, shops and land in neighbourhoods with council housing. We also deliver the Homechoice and Housing Options and Advice service for the Council. Additionally we have 56 of our own homes that we built for social rent in Cornwall.

As a company we are owned by the Council any profits are invested in improving housing in our district.

We have set out very clear objectives for ourselves on:

  • Achieving the Cornish Housing Standard and maintaining our homes
  • Creating new homes
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Excellent housing services
  • Good governance and tenant involvement