Public Health Legacy Document

The transition of public health from the NHS back to its original home of local government in April 2013 has been a significant development and  an opportunity for planning change.

The process involved gathering and analysing of a great deal of information.  This included a reflection on how services have developed in recent years, the collection of evidence around different interventions and understanding what outcomes have been achieved.

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The Public Health Legacy Document is an essential recording of this collective knowledge and learning so it can be used as a platform for continued progress in improving health and wellbeing and tackling inequalities in our local community.  It helps us to keep continuity in essential services, reduces the risk of losing knowledge during staff and organisational changes and promotes a shared understanding of public health issues across a range of partner organisations.

This legacy document, published in late 2013, sets out what progress we have made over the  last eight years and what key lessons we can take forward in the new  public health system.  Progress has been made but we must retain our determination to change the injustice of inequalities and ensure good health, wellbeing and happiness for all.