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Public Health Cornwall

What do we do?

Public health looks to improve the health of the population and tackle inequalities (the unfair gap in life expectancy and quality of life between communities).  Day-to-day we concentrate on:


About the service

Since April 2013 responsibility for local public health action has passed from the NHS to Cornwall Council. This is part of national NHS reforms which have created new opportunities to better integrate health and wellbeing into the everyday work of the Council. The Service is led by the Acting Director of Public Health, Caroline Court, and has teams based across Cornwall working on public health programmes.  Practical advice and support in the community is provided by our health promotion service. We are responsible for the delivery of prevention strategies to reduce sexually transmitted infections and HIV in Cornwall which involves the commissioning of sexual health and contraception clinical services through a range of providers including Acute Trusts, GPs, Pharmacies and the Third sector.  We are also jointly responsible for the Drug and Alcohol Action Team who implement national and local drug and alcohol strategies designed to reduce the harm that illegal drug use and alcohol misuse causes individuals, families and communities.

Our key responsibilities are to help deliver the local Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the national Public Health Outcomes framework. The Department of Health has produced a useful breakdown of public health roles for Councils and all other responsible organisations in the public health system including Public Health England and NHS England.

Public Health Desk

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