How to register your vehicle if you have a blue badge and a nil and disabled tax disc

We are now using a new online registration system and slightly amended the Terms and Conditions for the Disabled Parking Exemption Scheme from 15 March 2017.


Blue Badge holders have been able to park for free in a Cornwall Council pay and display car park if they have a vehicle that is adapted for the benefit of the driver to use (please see below for more information) or they are registered on the Cornwall Council exemption scheme.  

This scheme is open to all blue badge holders who also have a registered disabled vehicle which qualifies for free tax and it is not limited to Cornish residents. Only one vehicle can be registered per person. 

To qualify for the exemption a vehicle must be registered as disabled on the vehicles registration document (V5C) . When you apply you will need a copy of:

  • either the V5C document (please ensure the copy you send shows the NIL/Disabled tax class) , or
  • the New vehicles Motability confirmation letter showing the new registration number 

It is appreciated that Motability customers may not hold the original V5C document however Motability are more than happy to provide the necessary information.  You can do this via the Motability website

Will I have to pay to register

In order to maintain this as a cost-neutral service we need to make a small charge to register a vehicle. This cost is currently £10 per year.  

How does the exemption scheme work?

You will not receive a permit to display in your vehicle as we use an electronic system. When we have approved it, the vehicle details will be automatically loaded onto the Enforcement Officers hand-held devices; and when checking the car parks they will be able to see that the vehicle is registered and does not require a pay and display ticket.

How do I register and pay?

You can use our new online EasiPermit system below to purchase your ticket. Please be aware that even if the vehicle has been registered with us before, you will still need to use the ‘Apply for a new Permit’ button the first time you use EasiPermits.

You will also need to have your V5C document ready to upload to complete your registration.

EasiPermit Payments - please be aware that the address used for the credit/debit card that you are making payment with must match the address that is entered on the ticket applicants personal details.  If not payment will be refused by our payment service (and you will not have a valid ticket) however your bank may still show the money as being held and not available in your account again for 3 - 5 days. 

Using the EasiPermit system you will receive two emails and the second will be to confirm that you have a valid parking ticket. If you do not recieve the second email then do contact us, but please note they can take up to a couple of hours to arrive and also you may sometimes find them caught in your junk mail box.

If you are unable to apply using EasiPermits please contact 0300 1234 222 to seek further assistance.   

Register your vehicle online

The EasiPermit online system is provided by Conduent with payments being taken by Creditcall Ltd, both companies are acting on behalf of Cornwall Council. Data Protection information 

How soon will I be registered and can park for free?

You will not be able to park for free until you receive a confirmation email of your application and payment.

You can choose the date you want and it is possible for it to be free to park on the following day. NB you can only apply one month in advance of the date you want your registration to start. 

Vehicle Registration Changes

Changes to vehicles registration details are free. To request a change contact or call 0300 1234 222. Changes to our system can take up to 3 days to process so they need to be advised in advance. Please be aware you will need to provide a copy of the new V5C document.

Do I still need to use my Blue Badge if I have registered?

If you park a registered vehicle in a Cornwall Council car park you must still display a valid Blue Badge and clock and abide by the other appropriate rules or you could be subject to receiving a penalty charge notice.

How can I renew my registration for the scheme?

If you applied via EasiPermits you will receive a renewal reminder letter which will include a PIN that you can use to simply renew online. You will need to provide either the V5C or Motability confirmation letter again.  

If you applied before EasiPermits you will not receive a reminder letter. When its time for you to renew you will now need to apply online through EasiPermits. As it will be your first use of EasiPermits please use the 'Apply for a New Permit' option and not the renewal. 

Adapted Vehicles 

There are many adaptations to vehicles for driver use. The majority of these are easily seen by looking into the vehicle and the civil enforcement officers are trained to recognise them and so will automatically not issue a penalty charge notice. Our Civil Parking Enforcement Procedures includes details of many of the most common ones. However should you have any concern as to whether your vehicle will be recognised please contact us at least 3 working days before you wish to park your vehicle and we will advise you further.  You will need to provide information on the adaptations made.