Research and Information

Research and information plays a vital role within the Children's Trust by informing the strategic direction and commissioning of services for Cornwall's children, young people and their families.

Needs Assessment and Evidence Base

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Needs assessment is one of the main tools used to help us decide and prioritise the actions which will help us improve outcomes for children and young people.

The latest research and data has been gathered and analysed to help shape strategic priorities for the Children's Trust - informing Cornwall's Children, Young People and Child Poverty Plan.

The data and analysis is organised under key strands that are identified as root causes of poverty. Additional sections have been included in relation to Health and Community Safety.

Changing Cornwall: What the 2011 Census is telling us

  • Significant increases in the population aged 15 - 29;
  • Increases in lone parent households;
  • Improvements in self reported health, but there has also been increases in illnesses that limit day to day activities and provision of unpaid care;
  • Increases in the number of people with high level qualifications,
    however 1 in 5 still have no qualifications ;
  • Cornwall has a higher proportion of households with no adults in employment and dependent children than the South West .

Download 2011 Census: An Overview of the headline figures for Cornwall.