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Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing carer needs assessment

Carer assessments have two main purposes:

  • to consider if a person is able to continue in their caring role
  • to consider whether or not the carer works, or wishes to work, and whether the carer is undertaking, or wishes to undertake, education, training or a leisure activity, and how the caring role affects this

A carer's assessment is a way of getting a clear picture of the circumstances of the carer in regard to their caring role – what is going well, what are the restrictions, difficulties and pressures? The assessment is a discussion between the carer and the assessor, it is not a test of the person’s abilities as a carer. It recognises the carer’s knowledge and expertise.

Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing does not assume a carer wants to continue to provide care or should be expected to.

The discussion between the carer and assessor focuses on the outcomes that are important to the carer – what the carer identifies as the best possible outcome. This will depend on the impact of the caring role on each individual carer.

The carer's assessment will recognise the important role the carer has in supporting the person they care for, as well as the knowledge and expertise of the carer. The carer's assessment helps carers to identify what is needed to help them to stay in their caring role for longer.

The assessment will help carers to:

  • access personalised services such as a carer's personal budget
  • access a short break from their caring role
  • access assistive technology which helps carers to leave the person they support in safety
  • access increased support for the person they care for, to help ease the pressure of their caring role
  • remain in work, or return to work, if the carer wants to
  • access education, training and leisure activities;
  • access specialist advice and information eg welfare benefits

Carers say there are many positive outcomes from having a carer assessment; for example, accessing information they did not know about, sharing their experience as a carer, and increased confidence in their caring role and that support is available for them.

It is important that carers understand clearly what the assessment is for and are actively involved.

Carers may find it useful to think through issues in advance, and how they could be helped to continue in their caring role if they wish.

To help carers prepare for their assessment, wherever possible we will send the assessment form in advance for the carer to read through and consider. Carers can also have support from a Carer Support Worker to help them prepare for their assessment, if they wish.

Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing have to keep records about the people who use their services. These records are securely kept and remain confidential. More detailed information about having access to your records is given in our leaflet Access to personal records.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your assessment, or the services we provide to you or the person you look after, Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing will always help you to sort it out. More detailed information about sorting out complaints or problems is given in our leaflet How to make a comment, compliment or complaint.


If you feel it would help you to have a carers assessment, you can request one by speaking to the Access Service by completing the Request Help for Adults referral form, via an email to achw@cornwall.gov.uk or by calling 0300 1234 131.

Please follow this link to see information about Carers assessments on the Carers Direct website.  

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