Coproduction and Engagement

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow are undertaking a series of co-production sessions for the future approach for Care and Support at Home Services in Cornwall. These are also known as Domiciliary Care and Care at Home Services.

Cornwall Council currently awards service provision through its Care and Support at Home and in the Community Framework Agreement, in the first instance, or spot purchases services with Care and Support Providers in areas where there is limited supply available. 

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The Framework Agreement is due to expire in June 2018 and the Council will be undertaking a tendering of these services later this year.

These services will be commissioned for adults with an eligible health and/or social care need and includes, but is not limited to, people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory loss and age related needs.

The main aims of the tender process are to develop services that:

  • deliver the best outcomes that people want for themselves;
  • is good quality;
  • is accessible county-wide;
  • is compliant with legislation and monitoring body requirements;
  • enables individuals to have control over the type of support they access to improve their health and wellbeing;
  • enables individuals to feel safe in their own homes;
  • provides good information, advice and guidance;
  • work in partnership with all support services providing choice of types of support available to people;
  • work in partnership to support the health and social care system eg. Acute and Community Hospitals, GP Services, Ambulance Services and NHS Services in Cornwall
  • provides value for money;
  • April-June 2017 – Co-production Opportunities with:
    • Care Businesses
    • People receiving services
    • People who may require services in the future
    • Health and Social Care Partners
    • Other Stakeholders
  • July 2017 – Market Update:  Service Design progress
  • October-December: potential Procurement Period
  • Early 2018 – Contract Awards

Care Businesses

Commissioning Intentions 2017 - 2021

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow have held four co-production sessions with Care Businesses to develop the future Commissioning Intentions for Home Care Services in Cornwall 2017–2021.

This document is now undergoing the relevant governance agreements and informs the current development of future home care services that are being co-designed with relevant stakeholders throughout April – June 2017.

Co-designing Future Services

ASC and NHS Kernow Commissioners are fully committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are able to actively contribute to the way support at home is delivered to people across Cornwall.  To date commissioners have held three co-production sessions with Care Businesses and copies of presentations and notes of the sessions are available below:

People using or who may need to use services in the future

Commissioners are also seeking views and feedback from people receiving services, or who may receive services in the future, their carers and families.

Complete the survey

A paper copy is available from:

  • your Service Provider
  • Cornwall Council, Adult Social Care
  • NHS Kernow

Adult Social Care Commissioners attended the Royal Cornwall Show on 8 to 10 June 2017.  They took the opportunity to discuss with visitors their experiences and preferences for receiving home care support.  People who are receiving services are also still able to complete our on line survey above.

We will be sharing the outcomes from our discussions and the survey shortly

Further opportunities to seek people’s views that will inform future service design are being developed with other providers that support people in the community such as day services and care homes

A summary of all views and feedback received will be included on this page on completion. 

Market Position Statement

Commissioners are developing Market Position Statements for each Adult Social Care Market in Cornwall, together with an overall Market Position Statement of Social Care in Cornwall.

Market Update Event  - 13 July 2017 

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow held a Market Update Supplier Event for Care at Home and Supported Living Services on 13 July 2017.

The successful event was held to discuss information about the Service Design Models for Cornwall and a timetable for tendering.  The Event raised exciting discussions about the challenges we face, how we can do things differently and the way forward in Home Care and Supported Living in Cornwall.

The event included: 

  • Introduction with Jonathan Price – Adults Commissioning and Transforming
  • Partnership Working with Bernie Edwards General Manager NHS Kernow
  • Proud to Care with Val Smith and Liz Symons, Cornwall Council
  • Supported Living Services – Vicki Allan, Commissioning Manager, Cornwall Council
  • Home Care – Karen Hooper, Commissioning Manager, Cornwall Council

Download the Developing the Right Care for Cornwall presentation.

Proud to Care are an organisation who look for people to become Care and Support workers. Proud to Care came to the Market Event to discuss their new regional campaign and what it is designed to do.