Commissioning, Quality and Improvement


Commissioning social care involves a cycle of analysing what support is needed, planning the services including developing service specifications, implementing the services and facilitating the market, monitoring what’s working and what needs improving and then starting the cycle again. We work with people accessing services, carers, providers, health commissioners and others to make sure that the services we have in Cornwall are achieving the outcomes that really matter to people.Commissioning cycle

The diagram explains the Analyse, Plan, Do, Review process, as follows:

  • Analyse:  What have we got and what do we need?
  • Plan:  What should support look like?
  • Do:  What do we need to to do to put support in place?
  • Review:  Is the support meeting need?

Please find links below to the existing Commissioning Strategies. These are being reviewed to ensure that they are in accordance with the Care Act 2014.

Commissioning approach to a range of community support services is set out in the following framework. This is supported by a detailed evidence base.  These documents include the most recent evidence and commissioning intentions. They do not replace the full list of strategies below

Quality Assurance Review

All Local Authorities are responsible for ensuring that the services it commissions for care and support are of good quality and provides value for money. We meet this responsibility by a number of measures which includes performance monitoring and a Quality Assurance (QA) review, which takes place at least once a year.

The QA review is applied equitably across all adult care and support commissioned services.

Provider Performance Monitoring Forms (PPMF)

The Quality Assurance Team receives concerns about services from a variety of sources including professionals, people who use services, members of the public and service providers across all sectors.

To inform us of a compliment or a concern about a service then please complete a PPMF form and email it to

All concerns are assessed and appropriate action is taken, which ranges from logging for future reference through to recommendations for de-commissioning a service.


Cornwall Council is undertaking a full tender for the external (non-council) provided community support services. These are traditionally known as day services.

Working with providers which deliver poor outcomes

To find out how we work with providers which deliver poor outcomes for service users you can read our Working with services which deliver poor outcomes policy to find out what we look at when reviewing a service.

Safeguarding adults

The Quality Assurance Team supports the multi-agency safeguarding adults process by working with providers where there are concerns.

Provider forums

Provider Forums are for all providers of care and support services. The Forum is co-ordinated and facilitated by the Commissioning, Quality and Improvement Service and contributions are invited from all providers and partner agencies.

If you would like to contribute or you have a suggestion then please contact us

For copies of agendas or the presentations from the Forum please contact us

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